Green Passion Fruit Tea Single Serve Cups


Brand Cafejo

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2.0 Compatible

Cafejo's Green Passion Fruit Tea Single Serve Cups have green tea with a hint of passion fruit. Cafejo single-serve cups are packaged in a 99+% Nitrogen environment to ensure freshness.  Each cup delivers a wonderfully flavorful cup of tea.  No old-fashioned bleached paper filters here.  Cafejo's single-serve technology uses a tightly woven Micro-Fabric filter, which insures the perfect extraction of your tea, without unwanted partials or sludge in your cup. Cafejo has been on an incredible journey to find and blend the best ingredients in the world.  Our unique blends deliver an exceptional taste - cup after cup. Whether you choose our delicate Green Tea, bold French Roast, or rich Hot Chocolate...Cafejo has a world of choices to satisfy everyone's tastes. “Every Cup As Individual As You Are.”


  • Compatible with all single-serve-cup coffee brewers
  • Fine Teas
  • Freshness Guaranteed
  • No measuring. No mess.
  • Micro-Fabric Filter for superior tea extraction