Since 1989, Caféjo has established itself and is recognized for its reliable, innovative and high quality coffee and tea brewing equipment. Caféjo also owns high-speed production single-cup packaging equipment to produce Single Serve Cups and single-cup Pods. Caféjo packages 35+ selections of Caféjo branded coffee, tea and specialty drinks in both Single Serve Cups & Pods, as well as Co-Packs Single Serve Cups & Pods for roasters, hotels, OCS operators and others.

It all started with Caféjo engineering and manufacturing the first bottled water coffee brewer back in 1989. Caféjo’s mission is to manufacture brewers and brewing technology to brew the best cup of coffee possible. In 2002, Caféjo developed single-cup brewing technology and is considered an innovator and pioneer in this fast growing coffee segment. In 2012, Caféjo introduced its in-home line of single-cup brewers and accessories: the Caféjo My French Press, the Pod and Ground Coffee Adaptors.

Located in a state of the art 35,000 square foot manufacturing facility. “Making coffee better is what we do”… says Patrick Rolfes, CEO/Founder of Caféjo. Caféjo’s combination of brewers, accessories and line of award winning coffee and tea truly makes Caféjo your brewing partner for your ongoing pursuit of the best cup of coffee.




Caféjo  1161 North Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, CA 92801